Between the summer temperatures rising and borrowing with a car title loan, it is a good idea to do what you can to maintain your car while surviving the heat. While it is no fun to get into a hot car that feels like an oven, keeping your car out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods will also keep you from needing certain repairs as frequently, thus keeping the value of your car higher!  A few examples include, your tires will get more miles, car batteries last longer, oil does need to be changed as often, and your coolant will last longer too. So, save yourself some money and prepare for a car title loan by utilizing a few tips along the way and keep your car cool in the summer heat.

It is important to maintain a level of air pressure in your tires to prevent a blowout. When you mix a hot road with hot tires, you increase the chance of a popped tire. Believe it or not, a hot day can also shorten the life of your battery, so always bring a set of jumper cables just to be safe. Lastly, the heat can cause problems with fluids like oil and coolant; both vital elements of a working car. While you can’t control the outside temperature or your destination, you can choose where you park once you get there. When you have the option, opt for a shaded area. You can also pick up a car shade to place on the inside of your windshield to reflect a good amount of the sun rays and slow the superheating effect of the direct sun.

If all else fails, try your best to follow through with routine check ups, such as replacing the tires, checking and topping up fluid levels, and changing your oil. By following these tips, you can avoid the heat of added repairs and maintain your car’s value so you get best deal on your car title loan!

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