If you own a car—and most of us do—you probably don’t think of regular car maintenance unless something goes wrong.  When you want an auto title cash loan, you start examining your vehicle to make sure it is in good shape so you can get a good price on that title loan.  But you should consider caring for your car or truck all the time to ensure it can take care of you, all the time. A few simple maintenance and car care tips will help to make sure your car stays in tip-top shape for any cash loan needs you may have.

An auto title cash loan depends, in part, on the condition of your car or truck.  For that reason, keeping yours in good shape is ideal.  However, you should be working on keeping your car in good shape regardless of whether you want a loan; your own car or truck needs to be maintained regularly so it will run well, get you where you want to go, and keep you safe. 

Here is some of the basic maintenance you need to schedule regularly on your vehicle:

  1. Oil changes. Once upon a time, we used to hear, “change your oil every three months or 3,000 miles.” Most vehicles that are year 2000 or newer can go at least 5,000 miles, and if they are 2008 or newer, they might even have a 7,000-mile interval. In addition, many have a “maintenance required” light somewhere that will remind you. Stay on top of that.
  2. Tire rotation. Your schedule depends on the type of vehicle and the type of tire. Check your user manual, then don’t forget. The wear on your tire should be even, but they don’t wear the same—turning, braking, road shoulders—all those contribute to uneven wear, which is why you rotate tires.
  3. Windshield repair and replacement. If yours is pitted, it is just as dangerous as if it is cracked. Ensure you can see the road every time, at all times of day that you will be driving.

These are just a few things, but if you stay on top of just these few items, your car will last much longer and get you around safely.

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