Trying to borrow money with bad credit can be an uphill battle, but there is still a way to earn some quick cash with a personal loan, if you can find the right lender! The first thing to ask yourself is whether a loan is the best way to solve your problem? Sometimes the best way to deal with a money shortage is to cut down on your current expenditures and search for other methods of making/saving money before taking out a personal loan and adding more debt to stressed finances.

If you have already exhausted all of your other options, then your first step should be to form an idea of which loan terms you should accept and which you should turn away from. To do this, track your monthly income and expenditures and determine how much money you can afford to set aside towards a loan repayment schedule.

On top of any prep work to finding the right personal loan for you, it is a good idea to gather the necessary materials ahead of time. This includes your state issued ID, your 4 most recent pay stubs from current employer, the last 60 days of transaction history, and proof of insurance.

There are a few additional requirements before you are eligible for a “bad credit” loan alternative, things like your monthly income must be at least $1,700 per month (from one income source, direct deposited to your account) and if you are signing up for any particular loan like a registration or title loan, you will need to bring proof of ownership, insurance, etc.

By picking the right lender and carefully selecting a loan that fits your situation, you can come out of your personal loan on top and begin to reverse any hits your credit score may have taken in the past!

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