Springtime comes and brings with it a burst of energy: there are things you want to do, and some of them cost money. Personal loans are one of the options for raising the cash you need, but there are other ways as well. Let’s look at ideas for one-time money-making options, side-hustle options, and personal loans, all as legitimate ways to meet that need for cash now.

Starting first with personal loans. If you get these from a bank or other financial institution, most of them will require a credit check and a bit of time while they run your credit to see if you are a good loan risk.  If they determine in your favor, you can expect higher interest rates if the loan is unsecured versus a loan that is secured with some form of collateral, like a car. A title loan is one such type of collateralized loan, but unlike a loan from a bank, a title loan doesn’t require a credit check. It also takes less time to process than a bank loan will.

If you don’t want to take out a loan, you can always work on a side hustle.  These spare-time jobs run the gamut: everything from food delivery services to renting out your home or a room in your house to driving a car for a ride share service.  You can also work as a freelance writer or do people’s yardwork or even house cleaning or dog walking/pet sitting. Any of these options can be as part time as you like, and few require certification.

The other alternative is to do something to make money one time, like a yard sale or visiting a pawn shop with a valuable you no longer use.  In this option, you build up to a one-time-only event, whether that is selling something through an online forum or holding a sale out of your garage.  These can be particularly good for simultaneously de-junking your house, shed or garage.

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