The holidays are a great time to pop the question and take your relationship to the next level, but it can be pretty stressful trying to find the funds for everything, so let a vehicle title loan help!

Between the gifts for friends, family, and your special other, it can be pretty chaotic trying to work a budget that  includes a ring that will impress. What you need is a reputable lender who will loan you the money that you need now!

In case you didn’t know, a vehicle title loan is a secured loan where you offer your vehicle as collateral in return for some quick cash. Most of these loans allow you to keep driving the car throughout the loan term, so long as you maintain a source of income and keep up with your payments, you won’t hardly notice a difference!

To make the holidays even more stress free, the process of applying is quick and straightforward, but it is a good idea to take your time and read the fine print, just in case. Predatory loans come in many shapes and forms, so be sure to check a few factors before signing any dotted lines. Some common red flags include an inflated APR once a payment is late, penalties for paying the loan off early, and mandatory arbitration are all shady practices that you should ask about before you sign. However, not all loans are dishonest and while there is some risk, it would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater to mistrust all options for borrowing or lumping all vehicle title lenders together.

So, make this holiday season one that you and your significant other will remember for years, by taking advantage of a vehicle title loan and committing to the next chapter of your life together.

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