Most of us have heard the news: don’t borrow money from a title loan company because their only objective is to get your car. Title loan companies in Mesa are often lumped together with the bad reputation earned by a few companies many years ago, and people are sure that only desperate people who have no other options turn to title loans. The reputation is that all title loan companies charge ridiculously high rates, to people who are too desperate to say no, and then take your car and sell it, getting the profit of you hard earned equity and leaving you worse off than when you started. If this is what you’ve heard, read on.

Title Loan Companies in Mesa

Let’s set a few things straight. First, not all title loan companies in Mesa are here to take advantage of you. We don’t make money taking people’s cars. In fact, the first myth to bust is that you can’t have your car. You keep it. You have to be able to get to work to repay the loan, so we won’t take your vehicle when you get a loan with us. And we want you to repay the loan and keep your own vehicle. If we took people’s cars all the time, we would quickly be out of business because word would get around. We like to be here to help our customers, the next time they need us as well, so we want you to be successful, and keep driving that car.

Second, we don’t charge ridiculously high rates. Our job is to match the loan amount and it’s interest rate to the customer, basing both on the amount you want to borrow, how much your vehicle is worth, and how long you want the loan. We work with you to structure a loan that works for you to pay back, not stretching you too thin or lasting too long and costing too much in interest. We don’t base it on your credit; we don’t even need to run a credit report.

Finally, like all title loan companies in Mesa, we do have terms and conditions, but we aren’t trying to punish you for using our loan company. Read the terms of any loan agreement carefully to see about penalties, but the common idea that we will penalize you for early payoff is, yes, another myth. With our company you can pay extra funds directly to your principle with every payment you make or even make an extra payment or lump sum any time. This means the loan will cost you less in interest in the long run! And because we amortize the loan, you are paid off if you follow the contract! No surprise big last payments!

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