We all know how useful having a loan source handy can be, and a Tempe car title loan is really useful, and yet what is even more helpful is having money set aside so you don’t need a loan. A couple of strategies can help with that: knowing how to set money aside, and knowing some money-saving tricks that you can use every day.

Tempe Car Title Loan

Although you can just about always plan on being able to call on that Tempe car title loan option in a tight spot, if you plan well in advance, don’t get caught up by surprise spending on a spur of the moment kind of thing, and life doesn’t throw you too many curve balls, you can actually have savings that you can use when emergencies hit. The first strategy, of course, is to figure out where your money is going each paycheck. If you haven’t ever tracked your spending habits, it’s never too late to start. Keep track of every penny for a month of paydays and see where it really does go.. Next figure out what you can afford to cut, where you can DIY rather than buying new or going out, and start working on growing your savings.

Next is to look for where you can earn extra cash without having to stretch yourself too thin. Several great sites—the Penny Hoarder—will walk you through the how and why of earning a little here and a little there that you can set aside for emergencies. Additionally, you can get some apps on your phone—like Acorns—that will invest your extra change, giving you some savings that you won’t miss when you’re doing your day to day shopping.

The last step, of course, is to set that savings aside and avoid using it unless you have an emergency. Experts tell us that a minimum of 10% in savings is the best route. Take the time to manage your money so you don’t struggle with the anxiety and depression that money troubles cause.

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