If you are looking at auto title loans in Scottsdale, you might be wondering exactly what the process involves and how it works. You need to know three things about what the process involves and three things about how it works. First, you need to have a vehicle that you either own or have paid off, you need to have a bank account, and you need to have pay stubs for a job you have had for at least two months. Second, we loan on collateral, you don’t need to pass a credit check, and you can have your check for the money you need, the same day as you begin the loan.

Auto Title Loans in Scottsdale

If you have never used auto title loans in Scottsdale, you might not know much about how it all works. An auto title loan, requires first that you own a vehicle. How much you can borrow depends on the value and age of the vehicle as well as the condition of the vehicle. In addition to the car and its title and registration, you will need to bring in a valid driver’s license, insurance for the vehicle, your bank account information for the past 60 days, and your last 4 pay stubs when you come. See our qualifications list to make sure you have everything you need.

Once you have collected the documents you need, you are pretty much set to apply for auto title loans in Scottsdale. The vehicle will act as the collateral, so you don’t have to have a credit check. We lend you money based on your vehicle, not your credit score. If you have all the information you need, you can come in and fill out the application, walking out with a check for the cash you need in minutes. Nothing could be easier.

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