Let’s face it: not all car title loan companies in Scottsdale are created equal. Some are fly-by-night groups that come and go quickly, depending on the economy. Others have hidden requirements, hidden fees and rate schedules they don’t tell you about. When you need a car title loan, you need to make sure you are working with a reputable lender who won’t be trying to sneak something by you.

Car Title Loan Companies In Scottsdale

Not all car title loan companies in Scottsdale are created equal and you need to know what questions to ask before you sign on the bottom line. First, fees. You get a loan and repay it, and the way the lender makes money is interest and fees. The interest must be disclosed right up front. What you need to make sure of is whether that interest rate can change on you for any reason.

If you don’t repay by a set date or if you miss a payment, what happens to your interest rate? You need to ask to find out. You also need to know if the company is going to charge you fees up front and fees down the line, as well as any kind of penalty for paying extra or ahead of schedule. So ask, ask, ask. No company should be concerned about you asking good solid questions.

As you ask the questions, be sure to ask about qualifications. Make sure you know precisely what they require before you sign anything. Be clear about the length of the loan, exactly what the full loan amount will be including interest and fees, and what happens if you are suddenly involved in some kind of emergency—particularly if you are in an accident that makes you unable to pay the loan or lowers the car’s value in any way.

Also be sure to talk about insurance. Often times you should add the company to your insurance (there is usually no fee to do so) to protect both yourself and the company should something happen to the car.

No, not all car title loan companies in Scottsdale are created equal. Make sure you work with the best and Spot Me Title Loans is definitely one of the best in the industry.

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